Car Wash Services

Hand wash and dry
Clean wheels, tires, fender, gas cap
Clean exterior glass and windows
Dress tires
Compact Car - $40
Large Car - $50
Small SUV - $65
Large SUV - $85

Super Detail

Hand washes and dry clean wheels, tires, fender, gas cap, clean exterior glass, and windows, dress tires. Thorough vacuuming wiping down door jambs cleaning all plastic panels (door panels, dashboard, center console). Steam cleaning and shampooing carpet, and fabric surfaces (seats, carpets, headliner). Cleaning and condition leather surfaces. Cleaning interior glass and windows. 

-Compact Cars-$200

-Large Car- $240

-Small SUV-$305

-Large SUV-$385

  • Basic Interior Cleaning:
  • Deep Interior Cleaning:

Wash & Wax

Hand wash and dry.
Clay exterior surfaces for a smooth finish.
Apply wax/sealant for shine and protection.
Clean wheels, tires, fenders, gas cap.
Wipe down door jambs .
Clean exterior glass and windows .
Dress tires and fenders .
Polish exhaust tips (optional).
Dress exterior trim (optional).

-Compact Car- $100

-Large Car- $130

-Small SUV- $180

-Large SUV- $230

Full Motorcylce Detailing 

  • Full Motorcycle Detailing Information:

  • Motorcycle Hand Wash:


  • Express Motorcycle Detailing:


Headlight Restoration Services

Hand wash and dry. Clay headlights. Multiple sanding steps (800,1000,2000,3000). Compound and polish to remove sanding marks. Apply sealant or ceramic coating(ceramic priced separate).

-Compact Car- $50

-Large Car- $50

-Small Car- $70

-Large Car- $70

Paint Correction, All In One Service

AIO Service aims to remove some of the imperfection in the paint also adding a layer of protection at same time. Including hand wash and dry, clean wheels, tires, fenders, gas cap, clay exterior surfaces for a smooth finish, polish/correct paintwork, apply wax/sealant, wipe down door jambs, clean exterior glass and windows, dress tires and fenders.

-Compact Car- $180

-Large Car- $210

-Small SUV- $260

-Large SUV-$300